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PC can help businesses find the right people to lead the business, source products, services, support mechanism and best technology necessary, to make your operation more profitable, future safe and being ahead of the competition.


B2B │ B2C

We have the experience, industry access and gravitas to connect businesses to get the best possible results through collaboration.


At Proxa Consulting, we want you to focus on the things that matter:


PC has a pragmatic approach to debt collection.

It’s more than just the money. It’s about people. It’s about your relationship with your customers.

We believe outstanding debts can be recovered quickly, amicably and to the benefits of all parties, while keeping the relationships intact.



Our collection professionals average 20 years of commercial debt collection experience

Customer focused

Our team is trained to analyse each customer. They will focus on uncovering hidden issues and working diligently to recover your outstanding debts


Relationship oriented 

You've built relationships, we'll help keep them intact


We provide a range of international services  including

  • research

  • product development

  • business management services

  • franchise consultancy

  • turnkey projects (for new or existing businesses) as well as staff training profitability analysis services

  • creation and development of brand of new concepts

All our partners, consultants and associates have a proven track record in their field and bring vast knowledge and experience, great passion, boundless creativity and skills to cover the entire spectrum of food and drink and hospitality service operations.


All our services are aimed at creating better business models or sustaining the current model for our clients.


Results-focused international executive search with in-depth market and industry knowledge that cover every stage of the talent acquisition process, offering bespoke solutions to head-hunt directors to c-level on an exclusive basis

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