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For over 20 years, Thomas and Paolo have founded and grown an international executive search and business consultancy with previous emphasis in the hospitality sector, serving some of the biggest global brands in over 10 countries.

They facilitated the placement of numerous senior positions and partner with clients worldwide. In addition to running a food and pharma distribution business, they build bespoke recruitment and consultancy solutions to meet varying needs in size and complexity.

They also offer advice on transitioning to current and future technology solutions and supply Foreign Exchange products through their FCA-regulated experts to provide stability and guidance to their business.

Their partnership has become increasingly solid and successful over the years.

A well-established entrepreneurial CEO with substantial industry experiences in various sectors including hospitality and also, ventured into the Pharmaceutical Industry for a few years, dealing with governmental clients, offering innovative and ground-breaking wound healing medical devices on the African continent.
Thomas looks after the business development, marketing, research accounts, client relations and contracts and is the driving force behind all executive search and consultancy projects.

An experienced entrepreneurial COO/CFO across sales and distribution sectors including hospitality food distribution and pharmaceutical distribution. Paolo is an operations and finance expert and has been working successfully in business strategy Implementation.
He now handles all financial aspects and organisational task within the company and all our clients’ accounts on a day-to-day basis.

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